Delivering tailored solutions and programs that transform core business
operations to maximize operational and organizational efficiencies.

Enterprise Cost Transformation

Optimizing the cost base of organizations, enabling organizations to deliver more with less and drive improvements in financial performance.

Sustainable cost optimization

Delivering cost optimization for internal headcount and external third-party costs through short-term and longer-term tactics to drive sustainable improvements in EBITDA.

Outsourcing excellence

Optimizing how pharmaceutical companies identify, source, contract and manage third-parties to improve cost, quality, efficiencies and patient experience.

Procurement transformation

Transforming procurement functions from tactical to strategic, enabling the business to achieve goals and proactively manage a sustainable cost base.

Business Operations

Optimizing business models, organizational structures and enabling processes to drive results using the latest innovations and technologies.

Business model design & implementation

Designing and implementing innovative and resilient business models that enable an organization to drive revenue and profit growth in key markets.

Operating model design & implementation

Configuring the right enabling operating model that sets an organization up structurally to deliver on strategy, and pragmatically delivering this change in a manageable and sustainable way for the business.

Programs & Performance

Design and delivery of transformation programs and initiatives to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and optimize stakeholder experience.

End-to-end process optimization

Analyzing, streamlining and reconfiguring end-to-end processes to eliminate waste, maximize efficiency, gain a competitive edge and instill a culture of continuous improvement.

Program delivery

Designing and mobilizing rigorous program management and delivery capabilities and executing on transformative initiatives to drive operational improvements.

Sustainable operations

Helping companies build long-term resilience through cost-effective business and clinical practices that minimize environmental impact and promote social equity.