Strategy Consulting

Optimize value for client organizations, products,
and portfolios across all stages of company
and product lifecycles

Corporate Strategy and Business Development

Support internal strategic planning and business development activities, and engagement / communications with key external stakeholders

Strategic Planning

Support informed internal decision-making around development and commercial strategy for individual products and portfolios

Investor and Pharma Engagement

Characterize competitive positioning and commercial opportunity to strengthen the value story for investors and pharma partners

Due Diligence and BD Support

Conduct robust commercial evaluation of external business development opportunities

Product and Portfolio Strategy

Develop strategies to optimize commercial performance of products and portfolios, and ensure readiness for evolving global market dynamics

Market Planning and Commercialization

Country assessment, strategy development, and tactical planning to deliver successful product launch and early commercialization across global markets

Competitive Readiness

Assess risks and opportunities of shifting competitive dynamics and ensure competitive readiness across potential market scenarios

Growth Planning

Conduct in-depth source of business and growth driver trade-off analyses and develop plans for optimizing commercial performance

Foundational Five

We utilize our Foundational Five toolkit of strategic and market assessment deliverables to support streamlined execution of critical strategic planning activities.

Competitive Landscape Assessment

Identify, understand, and map competitors

Indication Prioritization / Development Strategy

Assess development options to optimize program/portfolio potential

Strategic Positioning and Messaging

Define differentiators and external messaging priorities

Opportunity Assessment and Forecasting

Quantify opportunity and identify key value-determining assumptions

Strategic Roadmap

Chart the path forward: activities, milestones, timelines

Analyzing Key Product & Market Attributes

We leverage rigorous research and leading databases to characterize markets and asset value propositions

Patient Dynamics

Epidemiology, total treatable patients, diagnostic paradigm, patient journey

Market Dynamics

Treatment paradigm, current / forecasted market size, launch strategy

Unmet Needs

Clinical and/or economic unmet needs based on current standard of care

Scientific Viability

Perspectives on scientific rationale, precedent of scientific / clinical research

Physician Perspectives

Disease landscape, unmet needs, pricing potential, TPP perspectives

Payer Perspectives

Potential pricing, market access considerations, patient cost-sensitivity, gross-to-net